Experiences with 10 more years in field of precision molding and tooling for the zipper fabrication and its related machinery Designing / manufacturing, after that, Mr. Tsao Chang-Wen established his owned firm as the founder of Hsin-Teng Enterprises Co., Ltd in 1997. For last 15 years, Hsin-Teng has made and sold more than 1000 units of advanced Zipper Stop-trimmer achine/tooling & molding sets worldwide.

Other than advanced molding and machines as aforementioned, Mr. Tsao has owned his personal inventions/patents over 60+ (assigned to Hsin-Teng), those are the most remarkable achievements and niche value along with Hsin-Teng growth.

Hsin-Teng is committed to continue its services for current customers, meanwhile concentrating resources to dedicate the newly patents and its functions e.g. for uniquely customized items to expand more valuable applications per customer request in the foreseeable future.
Open/close-end Zipper
Trimmer Machine
POM Zipper Teeth
injection machine
Various molding sets
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