Date: 22 Nov. 2012
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Dear Messrs:
It's our pleasure to take this valuable chance introducing of HsinTeng Enterprises and its patented/innovative etc. newly developed product in the world for your evaluation.

In a general impression, seemingly, the zipper is a so common stuff and not much attention been paid as used. Concentrating in the luxury related commodities e.g. purse, handbag, luggage and even hi-value apparels, zipper have been used anyway in its simple role. However, while the tiny zipper's teeth are shaped each in an unique letter or symbol, it could be endowed with one tool for Brand's identification or method for anti-counterfeit (that's what we have defined so called " which zipper probably will be reconsidered in something else with a totally new definition.

In order to get a quick perception, I have prepared 1) Company Profile(see 2013 updating Revision) 2) purse, 3) couple samples 4) along with briefly introduction/story of Zipper evolution as well as the briefly described herein for you reference. And, we definitely expect to obtain your comments no matter Pros or Cons if any, would be highly appreciated.

Looking forward to learn your comment
Sincerely yours

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Don't worry Fake, if on Purse Story

Inspiration origin came from an illustration painted by Ms. Sophie Griotto, a lady is so leisurely drinking coffee and a purse put aside the table……………….

Urban ladies would be moving with neat/simple life style so they probably do not like big/heavy handbag while a conference/briefing or rush around for shopping during break time. The subject purse is designed to consider functional usages as size just good enough to be enclosed with iphone, name-card wallet, keys chain a few bills/changes etc..with a belt could be used hanging on the arm, you can pull out earphone wire from purse to listen iphone or music easily with two hands freely. And, the belt could hookup with bigger handbag to be also used as an inner pocket.. So.... one most important element is the unique that makes this purse totally different!!!!

The samples have finally made ready as is for you evaluation

RiRi vs YKK, recalling Zipper business Evolution

Most people even costume designer more or less may not knowing RiRi, But when you're talking about the Zipper, almost every one recognize YKK, who is one most famous Zipper manufacturer in the world. Yes indeed, like the YKK slogan "a tiny component but great usage" You probably couldn't image the quantities of Zipper consuming annually i.e. up to more than 35 billion pieces, that means 5 pieces per capita of world population. For the market share, 20% of total roughly 7 Billion pieces have being produced by 160 YKK plants/firms located each garment/bags concentrated industrial zone around world, it is also could be said "every person is distributed one YKK zipper every year" that's why the YKK brand was rooted in mind of so high proportion in the world as well.

Backward over 8 decades years ago and the 1st Zipper was patented/developed in 1923 thereinafter owned by Mr. Martin Othmar Winterhalter (a Swiss jurist) and founder of “RiRi” which was a derivative from “Concave & Convex” equivalent to German “Rille und Rippe” as acronym RiRi. Which RiRi zipper has been widely used in the military uniform/equipment etc. during the World War II, thereinafter, after war, Zipper has been rapidly entered and saturated all related aspects e.g. the garments and bags business. As to the oriental stage, Pre-YKK, established in 1934 by Mr. Yoshida Kogyosho for machinery & fasten, re-organized and formally registered as YKK in 1947, while Japan restored industrial from ruined ground after World war II, Mr. Yoshida personally visited RiRi for buying machine also learn the brand new technology related to Zipper manufacturing etc. which was the door to open the route of West-East interactive. However, after several decades, YKK has established a big share of Zipper Business in the world and also penetrated into the Financial Institution, Mine and building etc. businesses, nowadays, even Zipper is not the highest profit contribution in YKK Group but it is still a top brand in zipper industrial worldwide as aforementioned.

What is Success?! Is the way of Riri? or YKK? we may have different perception to interpret. However, if we talking the globalization or worldwide business, YKK model absolutely could be viewed as “super successful!! On the other hand, we learned a little from RiRi. I am so curious about why one (YKK) is so famous but one so called the pioneer of Zipper, RiRi is lightless for some time. A dialogue perhaps giving partially answer i.e. I have occasionally met with Mr. Giuliano Rusconi-General Manager, Hi-Tech of RiRi at their booth of the Summer Outdoor Retailer Show 2007 at Salt Lake City, USA while we discussed the zipper business, who was still most proud of their masterpiece onto Zipper making and its technologies with up-nose aimed on YKK, said “they are making cheap stuff, we have no reason to compare with YKK” That makes me a reaction immediately, oh yes! Which probable is definitely right e.g. Watches made in Switzerland or other precision machinery could be all listed as the number-1 in the world. Perhaps, it is the philosophy that owned by Switzerland people with self confidence/proud on their products, which is good for them and nobody could argue with them to value those virtues belong to Swiss. Recently, in-country(Taiwan), I have met several equipments/manufacturers from Switzerland to promote their products which is rare experience we have impressed before, as they never went out their country but waiting for customers in Switzerland. To me, a bold assumption as it seemingly they are expecting to get more orders practically rather than chasing number-1 as used. Believe, the globalization/free trade has totally change the business environment. You have to maneuver for markets worldwide to enhance self competibility & strength, otherwise, it could be washed out eventually. World’s Number-1 which perhaps is good for ideological thinking, but not a realistic methodology to face so competitive circumstance today. That’s why RiRi has changed their strategies such as establishing factories in both China and India plus offices in American etc. for more business opportunities rather than draw a limitation for brands in Europe only.

The 1998 thru 2007 which most Japanese noted and suffered that was so called “the lost 10 years”. What was happened for Japan during that decade? Recalling  backward or more further years ahead, Japanese did chase Number-1 in the world e.g. to build the highest Tower in Tokyo, moreover, bought the Rockefeller Building, furthermore tried to acquire the landmark of New York-Empire Building. However, after Asia Financial crisis, in Japan, GDP was shown in negative figures for some years in the “Lost 10 Years”, even bank set Interest as low as zero in rate, the real estate could not be sustained as the bubble blasted eventually. A few world top economists analyzed and commented on this phenomenon, one major issue “too much paid on ideological thinking, which could blind the realistic methodology”, and practical manner supposedly shall be the one of key elements to drive the strength in economy.

A couple years ago, the medias both in Japan and Taiwan have widely reported Ms. Renho Sha (New Generation Senator in Japan also Japan born Taiwanese) who has been assigned as the Minister of Administration Reform Department in the Cabinet of Japan. A few designers were superficially criticizing the dressing as most Renho has in black and white, said “is showing drabness”. However, if you did spend a while to realize “why their Premier Mr. Naoto Kan picked up Renho?” you would easily find that Renho who is one lady indeed outstanding especially amid the surround of one most chauvinism sociality in the world, using her talent to knock the “Bell of Wisdom” to Government of Japan, as indicated “why has to be number-1?” while debating and tied without conclusion on national budgetary allocation of casting on project of Super Computer (Number-1 computer in the world) Renho emphasized “but not number-1 would be oked?” in a manner of marathon type reviews back and forth. This is the comparison between ideological thinking to chase number-1 versa realistic approach for a much quicker dynamic movement into practical world of competition. It is clear that you can easily judge which way is making sense, don’t you?!

As aforementioned, since other spinned-off business e.g. Financial Institution, Mines and Building were quite made money over Zipper business, among YKK group, Zipper was not so important as used in 70’ thru 90’, during that most brilliant period recalled that time Zipper R&D department constantly employed over 200 specialists till later 90’. For last decade, the top management thought “Zipper is so mature/common business without challenge nor space for innovation” Although their strategy is maintaining business which would be still the number-1 brand in the world.

However, the new material and manufacturing process have been developed dramatically. A few patents e.g. the plastic injection for the lower-open-stop (both female and male stops) would be superior ( in both of tensile strength and yield) to the YKK used method of metal stops. And, the new metal injection molding process for the teeth in English letter Alpha-beta shape or symbol as so called “” will be another zipper revolution. (refer to below description)

SUMMARY OF THE PATENT To achieve the object herein, present invention is zipper’s teeth made by Zinc-alloy via Thermal Press Forming process or POM teeth made by Injection Molding method, to make the shape of tiny teeth appearing either in English letter or symbol on subject teeth and each single tooth is pressed to snap tightly on zipper strap so as to finally form a functional zipper properly. While such unique zipper (along with selected English letter or symbol on teeth) is applied on each developing commodity, which will represent who makes this commodity or easily identify the commodity source from which Brand. By this way, subject teeth structure is able creating an additional feature of anti-counterfeit effectively. See patents/filings as shown below.

SUMMARY OF THE TECHNIQUE while the teeth made by Zinc-alloy which melting point is over 460C0, per cycle under high temperature process of tooth forming and be pressed to snap tightly on strap almost under a simultaneous moment, one single tooth or multiple teeth within length of a couple inches to be pressed to snap on one side strap per cycle which probably could be achievable in laboratory, but it's not a practical method to be applied for mass production in zipper field. As noted, based upon current technique, it's hard almost impossible that teeth to be pressed to snap on strap length up to 30cm per cycle, nor a double sides teeth Snap-on simultaneously be pressed to snap on straps. For the zipper mass production concern, it is believed the length around 30cm per cycle for teeth snap on strap is a reasonable request which neither has been made nor teeth with English letter or symbol appearance before. However, an advanced technology breakthrough was made by the inventor of, over 30cm with double sides ID. teeth to be pressed to snap tightly on straps per cycle which has be worked out successfully. It is noted this achievement is never happened previously. (Refer to drawings/photo as showing above/following)
The story tells "There is no number-1 forever" Innovation exists everywhere.
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