Open-end Zipper Stop-Trimmer Machine
  1. Dual functions either suitable for positioning with puller or position feeding without puller.
  2. Control mechanism by PLC.
  3. Zipper strap feeding free-twist.
  4. Workable for injection the stops on strap remaining within 49-51mm.
  5. Up stop its shape can be changeable.
  6. Subject to any type of puller-tab.
  7. Without Puller, shortest open-end zipper length is 3"(9cm).
  8. With puller shortest open-end zipper length is 4"(12.5cm).
  9. Capacity: 400-450Pc/Hr.
  10. Actual operation see video HsinTeng Open-end Zipper stop trimmer.
Open-end zipper stop trimmer molding and feeding out form

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