PL.zip Summary
New Zipper invented with US Patent filing #US 12/801,016, as its teeth under Pair-Lock coupling each head-to-head independently vs coupling interlace dependently used previously, Since the traditional zipper normally teeth are coupled by interlace way line up one by one dependently. However, while applying zipper on the curve frame (e.g. Luggage) that point would be easily broken off by horizontal force as the teeth permutation will be twisted at curve-line so cause the horizontal tension strength is getting weaker. PL.zip is invented subject to enhance the zipper coupling strength by means of pair-teeth head- to-head locked independently which would be totally improving the weakness while Zipper particularly used for curve-sewing (angle shape) circumstance.
1. Open-end Zipper Stop-Trimmer Machine 2. Close-end Zipper Stop-Trimmer Machine
3. POM Zipper teeth injection machine 4. Various molding sets
5. Metal Zipper teeth injection machine 6. ID.zip : Don't worry fake, if ID.zip on
7. PL.zip 8. Auto-Continuous Electroplating System for Metal zipper Chain
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